Whether someone is looking for a profitable and safe investment, a unique vacation home or the ideal home to retire purchasing a property in Greece is the perfect choice since it offers both a gainful investment as well as the matchless opportunity to enjoy a relaxing holiday, idyllic landscapes and the Mediterranean weather.


Investing in the Cavo Fregada Syros Seaside Hotels and Villas project offers owners an additional significant advantage of acquiring the Greek residency and consequently Schengen access also called‘Golden Visa’under law 4146/20 in 2013 on acquiring property in Greece. The Greek Residency program is the most affordable in Europe since it only requires an investment of 250,000 euro and above per family, without any obligation to stay in Greece to maintain residency offering the residency to all family members including the investor’s parents as well as visa free access to all Schengen countries. Investors acquiring a property on the project will be facilitated with the application and granting of the permit by the team of professionals in charge of the development of the project which will provide guidance during the short process in order for investors and their family members to obtain the permit hassle-free without any delays from the day of the property purchase and maintain it for as long as they remain in ownership of the property. This opportunity provides a bonus incentive to non-EU citizens to consider Greece and the Cavo Fregada Syros project as the ultimate investment option as well as a dream vacation home.



Payment Scheme :

A flexible payment plan will be offered to investors with a deposit amount paid at commencement and the rest in the duration of the construction of the purchased villa until completion

Property Insurance:

Through leading home insurance companies, complete packages of insurance will be offered to investors to satisfy the level of security from their investment.

Property Resale:

The rapidly growing real estate market in Greece will add value to the properties on an annual basis. Thus investors wishing to profit from the future increase of prices, will be able to succeed a profitable transaction with the guidance and assistance of the company’s real estate services.

Rental Guarantee:

Furthermore, the company’s real estate department offers to investors purchasing villas with no immediate intent to use them as their personal residence a full range of services for management and rental according to which the property is renting out for short let or long term letting.