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Syros island, a striking beauty of grand architectural charm with a history going back to 5,000 years, the home of great philosophers, warriors and artists, it is today known as the capital of the Aegean Sea.

A walk around the majestic Ermoupolis town (the town of ‘Hermes’) will reveal impressive historical buildings of Venetian and Neoclassical architecture, cultural gatherings of worldly importance and picturesque streets filled with modern and traditional shops blending in absolute harmony and vibrant restaurants and cafes spreading across its districts and its famous harbour.

An island of over 25,000 permanent inhabitants enjoying an ideal climate characteristic of the Mediterranean with mild winters during which the temperature rarely falls below 10 oC and warm, dry summers with averages of 30 oC and above during the warmest months. As every other Cycladic island, Syros, during July and August, is exposed to the north-westerly meltemi wind which provides a respite from the heat. Syros offers its visitors a plethora of treasures to discover, scenic villages lying over majestic hills or on its sandy shores, refreshing beaches with crystal waters, local agricultural products of pure taste and a town resembling a small city.

Syros is the legal and administrative centre of the entire Archipelagos, the eleventh biggest Cycladic Island with a central position within the Cyclades and a coastline of 87 km and a centre reminiscent of a living museum with an indulging casino, the prominent University of the Aegean, proficient hospital facilities, exciting museums, theatre and galleries and an abundance of shops, restaurants, café and bars create the lively atmosphere of a vivid destination all year long.


Syros is considered one of the most competitive destinations in the tourism market since its varied combination of attractions makes Syros the perfect holiday destination for every taste and group whether traveling as couples, singles or with family