The villas are impeccably and fully furnished in authentic Greek style. They are built on plots of 1000 up to 4000 square meters and have different layouts and sizes to cater to different needs.

They vary from villas of 2, 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms, with living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, private swimming pool and garage.

The terraces include BBQ areas, built-in sofas and pergolas. The interior floors are fitted with Naxos marble and wood, the kitchen and cupboards are fitted with oak.

Windows are double-glassed and fitted with Swedish wood. Every villa includes at least 1000 square meters of private land, where you can plant your garden and grow vines.

With an area of almost 500.000 sq.m. for the development of the Project the residents of Cavo Fregada villas will be able to enjoy a variety of facilities such as tennis courts, shops, walking routes, a heliport, a marina, a botanic garden, a fully-equipped gym, revitalizing spa, a vineyard and a house for the resident guardian. In addition to the numerous facilities Cavo Fregada will offer a range of supreme services to its residents such as 24-hours security service, maintenance of garden areas, maintenance and repair of all communal constructions and fittings, residence maintenance and cleaning services for home interiors and exteriors, car-hire and mini bus transportation services, choices from furniture and decoration packages etc.


High quality materials and experienced professionals will be used for the construction of the Villas. Certain specifications of the Villas are suggested below:

1) Plastering
All plastering will exhibit slightly uneven surface, either forged or frayed. The plastering will be coated three times, following the traditional way of the island .

2) Thermal insulation and Waterproofing
Special materials will be used for thermal insulation and waterproofing of the each villa

3) Floors
The floors in the living room, dining room and bedrooms will be covered by wooden strips with parametrical frame of traditionally scratched and unpolished Naxos marble . The floors of the bathrooms , the kitchen , the yards and the area around the swimming pool will be covered by the same traditionally scratched and unpolished Naxos marble of different sizes

4) Carpentry
The shutters of the windows and balcony doors will be of ply-wood or Swedish wood or an equivalent. The leafs will be from Swedish wood (or german plastic PVC profiles ) with double glass . The closets and the kitchen cupboards will be a combination of Swedish wood and oak cover

5) Bathrooms
The bathrooms will include a bac-a-douche , a cabinet , a wash basin over marble top. The sanitary ware (cabinets, wash basins, etc ) will be in white color Ideal standard or equivalent brand, and the batteries of the same or equivalent brand. Built in wash basin top and bac-a-douche will be of Naxos marble .

6) Kitchen
The kitchen will include metal or PVC sink, polished Naxos marble countertop, cupboards of a combination of Swedish wood and oak cover and electrical and sanitary installation for the different electrical items

7) Electrical Installation
The entire work will be done under the current regulations of the Ministry of Industry on domestic electrical installations. The house will have three-phase current of 35 Ampère with table boards

8) Hydraulic and Mechanical work
The water supply of the house will be done with copper or plastic pipes of 15mm and collectors with boards . Sewage from bathrooms and kitchens will be with plastic pipes 6 atm. with the appropriate sizes (40mm, 50mm ,63mm ,100mm and 120 mm) There will be a concrete water tank behind each villa about 15-20 m3 and a septic tank with the same dimensions for the sewage. Each villa will have an installation for general heating and for general A/C.

9) Painting
The interior walls and ceilings will be painted with plastic paint in white or other color. The exterior walls will be painted with acrylic paint also in white or other color. Blinds and leafs (if wooden leafs) will be painted with watercolor or enamel. The bathroom ceiling will be painted with special white or colored paint for cement. Internal doors will be painted with white oil paint or with watercolor. The gates will be painted with watercolor or oil paint in white or other color

10) Outside Landscaping
Each villa will have an outdoor swimming pool (up to 35-40 square meters). Landscaping of the courtyard surrounding the pool and courtyard around the villa will be done by gross beton and covered by Naxos marble as mentioned above. The fencing of the land will be in stone at the permitted height of the planning permission.


Are you interested in buying a villa or you have more questions? send us an email and a representative will answer all your questions