We are always extremely humbled and proud to receive positive and encouraging reviews from our valued clients. Our principal goal and purpose is to provide our clients with their dream home and safe haven and we are happy to discover the acknowledgment and gratification of our most sincere endeavours.

Cavo Fregada, Baby Blue, Defies All Odds!

"Where I come from, dove breeder’s attestation is never accepted in courts as their hobby embraces various schemes and tactics for capturing what is not theirs and thus are known for being cheats.

In my personal dictionary, I add to that category of people, construction companies and mainly those that are specialized in residential apartments.

My personal experience with them, repeatedly, has been remorseful to say the least……. All until I shook hands with the Berjaouis in Cavo Fregada!

My experience with the Berjaouis proved me wrong by the day. As the construction of our family dream was taking place , the honesty and integrity of the Berjaouis has been shocking. I always received plans of what was happening throughout the construction process. Once, I received the electricity plan to mark on the map where I would like to add electricity points, and I did! A few months later, during my site visit, I realized that there were a few spots that I forgot to add. As I walked in to check the work, to my surprise, the company placed by far more than what I asked for and at no extra cost.

This is one of many examples of the impeccable service we experienced.Another issue worth mentioning is that due to certain tax increase, my husband and I covered the full payment of the house almost a year before the delivery date. Our Baby Blue was a dream come true.

My husband, a senior civil engineer in an international company told me that what he had seen was by far more than what we signed for or expected.Last Summer, the company rented our house a couple of times. I received a thank you letter from the tenants for the amazing treatment, warm welcome and follow up they received from the Berjaouis. All this is nothing compared to the maintenance and the wonder of finding something new in every visit that my family and I make.

The positive energy we, or our guests feel the minute one steps into the house does not come from void. Our little Baby Blue could never have become our little palace had it not been for the people behind its construction. They did it with generosity and much love.It is not only the house, sun, imagery, or the on-going natural scenery painted by God…

It is not, the downtown and the amazing spirit of the people of Syros; It is not the open-air cinema, the opera house, amazing streets and artists alleys in downtown, or George’s amazing café where residents dance tango while their dancing feet lead them to the white marble pedestrian area and the dancers become part of a regular ritual in Ermoupoli; Its not even the aroma of freshly baked pizzas and sumptuous menu that surpasses Michelin stars in Ousyra; It’s the Berjaouis themselves that made all this worthwhile.

Yes, it is the Berjaouis that defied all odds and proved me wrong!"

Roula Ajouz 2018

We feel blessed.

“J’ai toujours imaginé la maison de mes rêves quelque part sur une île grecque, près de la plage et face au coucher du soleil. Lorsque j’ai visité Cavo Fregada à Syros, j’ai réalisé qu’une maison de rêve peut avoir bien plus que ce que je souhaitais:

Un emplacement unique, à proximité des ports et de l’aéroport, calme, sécurisé, entouré de véritables voisins chaleureux et ayant surtout mes propres fruits et légumes organics qui poussent sur mon terrain.

Un vrai paradis surtout pour mes enfants où des moments magiques sont créés chaque année.

‘A deux pas de Mykonos et des autres iles des Cyclades, notre petit bateau sera bientôt la petite addition.
Ma maison à Cavo Fregada est un paradis sur terre, je prévois de prendre ma retraite beaucoup plus tôt juste pour être plus à cet endroit.

Nous nous sentons bénis."

Francois 2019


"I always imagined the house of my dreams somewhere on a Greek island, near the beach, and facing the sunset. When I visited Cavo Fregada in Syros, I realized that a dream home can have much more than I wanted:

A unique location, close to the ports and the airport, calm, secure, surrounded by real warm neighbors and above all with my own organic fruits and vegetables growing on my property.

A real paradise especially for my children where magic moments are created each year.

Very close to Mykonos and the other Cyclades islands, our little boat will soon be the small addition.
My home in Cavo Fregada is heaven on earth, I plan to retire much earlier just to be more in this place.
We feel blessed."

Francois 2019